Fertility treatment costs and IVF Fund coverage

The costs of your fertility treatment depend on the therapy in question. Often, the IVF fund and health insurance companies cover a large part of the costs.

TFP fertility treatment in Austria

Scenario 1 - In-vitro-fertilisation with own gametes (IVF)


IVF treatment with embryo culture up to max. day 5, incl. matching (RI Witness), embryo transfer


Geri TimeLaps

Medicines for hormonal stimulation*

* Price of medication depends on type of medication used, dose and time taken.

Scenario 2 - Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)


IUI treatment, follicle monitoring, semen preparation** incl. matching (RI Witness) and semen transfer

Medicines for hormonal stimulation*

* Price of medication depends on type of medication used, dose and time taken.

** Donated sperm available on request

Scenario 3 - Cryopreservation


Hormonal treatment, thawing of embryos, embryo transfer

Medicines for hormonal stimulation*

* Price of medication depends on type of medication used, dose and time taken.

Scenario 4 - IVF Naturell package with up to 2 IVF treatments


Up to 2 IVF-treatments

Ultrasound examinations (incl. the first pregnancy ultrasound)

RI Witness

* if your treatment is cancelled before egg collection, it will not affect your package contents. However, a part of it will be charged. However, if your treatment is cancelled after egg collection, this will be counted as one attempt. The package is considered used up when you have a positive pregnancy test, all attempts are used up or 2 years have passed since the start of treatment

** Additional services and medications are charged separately

The IVF Fund: A good contribution

A large part of the costs of artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization (IVF) are paid for from the IVF Fund. In order to be eligible for support from the IVF Fund, certain conditions regarding cause, age or health insurance must be met. You can find out exactly what these indicators are under IVF Fund costs.

Prices in Vienna with IVF funds

Since 2002, a large part of the cost of artificial insemination (in-vitro-fertilization) has been covered by the IVF Fund. The following treatments will be co-funded by the IVF Fund during IVF treatment.

The remaining 30% of the costs as well as the costs for medicines have to be carried by the patient.

Generally accepted by the IVF Fund these treatments are

However, these treatments are NOT supported by the IVF Fund:

If certain conditions are met, this IVF fund covers 70% of the treatment and medication costs. In order to benefit from the support of the IVF Fund, certain conditions relating to cause, age or health insurance must be met.

Find out about all treatments in artificial fertilization treatments in Vienna, our above-average treatment successes and our team of experts.

Prices in Vienna for private payers

Private insurance payers are all couples who are not supported by the IVF Artificial Insemination Fund. Private payers or self-payers must pay 100% of the costs of treatment and medication themselves. You belong to the private payer group, if:

  • the woman has passed her 40th birthday or the man his 50th birthday.

  • you, as a man or woman, have taken intentional measures to prevent reproduction (intentional obstruction of the female fallopian tubes or intentional obstruction of the male spermatic cord, vasectomy).

  • you work abroad and are insured with a foreign health insurance fund.

  • you do not have a permanent residence permit in Austria.

Further details about our prices for direct payers at the TFP Fertility Clinic Prof. Dr. Nouri Vienna can be obtained from our clinic staff. We look forward to hearing from you.

Prices in Vienna for Germans/Foreigners

Artificial insemination in Austria - co-payment by German/foreign health insurances possible 

According to the EU regulation, the German health insurance funds must pay the same amount - regardless of whether fertility treatment is to be carried out in Germany or at an IVF institute in Austria.

The many different health insurances support their insured persons with different conditions during fertility treatment. In any case, find out exactly whether your statutory German health insurance will also support you with fertility treatment in Austria. Please make sure you contact your health insurance company before starting treatment.

As an insured person with a German health insurance company, you want to carry out fertility treatment at a TFP fertility clinic in Austria? Then it is best to proceed as follows:

  • Contact your German health insurance company and have the required payment promise for treatment in Austria confirmed.

  • As soon as we have received your payment confirmation, we can send you all the necessary documents such as a compliant cost estimate and a confirmation of compliance with the German guidelines.

  • Sign the required documents and return them to our fertility centre in Vienna.

  • Now we can start planning the treatment in more detail.

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