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Artificial insemination for lesbian couples

For TFP Fertility, there is no question - same-sex couples should have the right to have children.

Fortunately, Austrian legislation now recognizes this as well. We have been proudly treating lesbian couples wishing to have children in Austria since 2015, thanks to the revised Law on Reproductive Medicine (FmedG).

 Lesbian couple

At TFP Fertility Vienna, female couples are able to have fertility treatment to help create their desired family.

We can help you becoming a family of your dream!

Your fertility options with us:

  • We can fertilise your eggs and help you become a mother with Insemination or in-vitro fertilisation (IVF)

  • We work with the European Sperm Bank and will assist you in your search for a suitable sperm donor

  • In case of infertility, we go on the hunt for clues and, after making a diagnosis, we discuss appropriate treatments.

If the problem cannot be resolved, female homosexual couples in Austria can also get help in the form of egg donation, provided that they arrange their own egg donor.

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We're closer than you think

We’ve been helping same-sex couples to start their families for a number of years. Our clinic in Vienna is well connected and can be conveniently reached from Austria's neighbour countries and further abroad. In most cases, you only need to come for treatment once, and use online consultations in the meantime.

In past few years, these conveniences have made our clinic become a popular option same-sex couples from Austria's neighbour countries looking to grow their families.

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Why choose TFP Fertility Vienna?

  • Globally renowned clinic with some of the highest success rates in Europe

  • Currently no waiting time - start treatment immediately

  • Individual patient therapy by a female doctor (if wished)

  • Wide range of state-of-the-art, tailored fertility treatments including egg donation, endometriosis treatment, genetic analysis, and more.

  • Glowing endorsements from our patients (just check out our Google reviews)

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Formalities required

Consent in the form of a notarial act is required, as the semen of a third person is used in the course of the treatment. The notarial act ensures that both women are legally considered parents, including the woman on whom the insemination is not carried out. The notarial act is purely a formality.

The declaration must contain:

  • the express consent to medically assisted procreation

  • if necessary, consent to the use of the semen or egg cells of a third person

  • name, date and place of birth, nationality and place of residence of the spouse, registered partner or domestic partner and

  • the period during which medically assisted reproduction can be carried out.

Lesbian couple

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    I cannot describe the emotion we felt when we got the positive pregancy test. It was great being able to phone TFP Thames Valley Fertility and tell them the news, as each and every person in the clinic was so emotionally invested in wanting us to succeed.


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