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Free 20-min consultations

Our free 20-minute consultations are a perfect way to meet the team, answer your most pertinent questions and start planning the next steps of your fertility journey. Sign up here for a no-obligation chat, online or in person, with the team at TFP Fertility Wels.


Who would benefit from a free consultation?

You've been trying to get pregnant for a while, but it's just not working out. At this stage you often have so many questions and don't know exactly where to start. Don't hesitate - make your free online consultation appointment with our experts.

The team at TFP Fertility Wels is on hand to give you advice and help you plan your next steps.

What will we discuss during our first chat?

We would like to know how long you have wanted to have a child, whether there are any known medical problems (e.g. endometriosis, etc.) and, on the other hand, it is also very important for us that you get to know us.

We would like you to get an impression of the clinic and the team because, after all, the desire to have a child is a sensitive and highly personal topic and it is crucial to have the right partner at your side.

Advantages of booking a free 20-minute consultation:

  • Free of charge

  • No obligation to continue treatment with us

  • Consultation directly with experts

  • Advice on treatment options

  • Joint planning of next steps

  • Rapid clarification and assistance

  • Impression of team and clinic

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