Fertility treatment with German health insurance

Fertility treatment in Austria - financial support from German health insurance companies

There are many different statutory health insurance companies in Germany. Each of these health insurances offers its policyholders different conditions for the financial support of fertility treatments. To find out whether the respective health insurance company in Germany will also support you with fertility treatment in Austria, you should definitely clarify this with your health insurance company before starting treatment.

According to the EU regulation, the German health insurance companies have to pay the same amount - regardless of whether the couple starts the treatment in Germany or IVF institute in Austria.

Important steps when examining the assumption of costs for fertility treatment by a German health insurance company in Austria are:

  • First contact your health insurance company and obtain the necessary payment confirmation for the treatment in Austria.

  • We will then send you all the necessary documents such as the cost estimate and a confirmation of compliance with the German guidelines.

  • As soon as we receive these documents back from you, we can proceed with more detailed planning of the treatment.

If you would like to find out more about all the modalities of financial support from German health insurance companies, please contact us.

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