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There is surely no one who can tell you more about fertility treatment than couples who have undergone treatment themselves. You should get to know more about our patients and their stories: in testimonials and guest book entries you can read what the treatment meant to them and how it went.

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Should no one ever call me mommy?

I've tried to get pregnant for 6 years but it never happened.

Every month when my period arrived it was a huge delusion and and the wish to have a baby always got bigger and bigger. I really started suffering and had moments of total despair.

Family life

For so many years I tried to get pregnant. Whilst for my husband a life without kids would have been fine too, for me it was unacceptable.

Desperately I searched for possibilities until my gynecologist gave me the contacts of Sterignost clinic. I was very happy to see how descrete, sensitive and competent the whole team was. Treatment also wasn't as uncomfortable as I thought and the most important thing - it was successful!

Now I have two beautiful and healthy children and live a happy, fulfilled family life. Getting help at a TFP clinic was definitely the best decision ever.

Look at our sweet Marie!

With the help of TFP Kinderwunsch Klagenfurt at the end we succeeded and could embrace our little daughter.

In times of struggle the whole team always supported us in a very kind and warm-hearted manner. We never had the feeling of being a "number". Everybody in the team - the assistents at the front desk, the biologists in the laboratory and the doctors always were there for us and understood our problems and doubts. Sterignost led us to our biggest success in life: our daughter who is already three years now.

Dear TFP team

Thanks to your professional help in the cozy family environment at the Klagenfurt clinic we are happy parents now!

With additional diagnostics you made it possibile for us to welcome to beautiful healthy kids in our family and made our life a better one. Where others maybe would have reached their limits you helped us to find a way to fulfil our greatest desire. We are deeply grateful!

We never gave up hope for love and life!

May husband and I have been married for five years. For two years we have tried to have a baby but without success.

Thank you!

For almost two years we have waited, hoped and prayed.

Feelings of sorrow, frustration and despair where our constant companions. And then finally the first appointment with Dr.Boschi, who never gave us false hopes but professionally guided us through this therapy - a therapy I was very skeptical about in the beginning.

It immediately worked out at the first attempt and I gave birth to our beautiful son. Our deepest respect and appreciation to Dr.Boschi and his team!

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