Your first consultation in Klagenfurt

An open initial consultation between doctor and couple in a pleasant atmosphere is of central importance for further treatment with us. We would like to discuss your very personal concerns, possible diagnoses and treatment options for your infertility, as well as clarify unanswered questions.

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Let’s get to know each other!

During your first personal consultation in our fertility clinic in Klagenfurt, we will discuss key questions regarding your desire to have children. It is important for us to know how long you have wanted to have a child. We are interested in learning, for instance, have you had previous operations, (chronic) infections or other illnesses? Do you need to regularly take medication? For the woman, information about the rhythm and length of her cycle is of central importance. Here, the intervals are important as well as the severity, possible pain and bleeding between periods.

Procedure of your initial consultation

  • During your first consultation with the doctor, your medical history (anamnesis) takes centre stage. Couples have the chance to familiarize themselves with the individual treatment methods of artificial insemination and to ask questions.

  • Of course, our doctor will also inform you about the costs of the respective treatments, about the above-average chances of success in our clinic in Klagenfurt and all possible risks involved.

  • The attending physician then creates a treatment plan tailored to your individual medical needs, which forms the basis for all future treatments in our fertility centre.

Important documents to bring to your initial consultation with us

To prepare well for your initial consultation, please put together the following necessary documents:

Please bring the following diagnostic reports for the woman

  • Hormone status from the beginning of the cycle (2nd or 3rd day is best)

  • Surgery reports of surgery on the uterus or the ovaries

  • Findings and records of previous IVF treatments

  • Pap smear

  • Basic blood count

  • APC resistance

Please bring the following diagnostic reports for the man

  • Spermiogram (semen analysis, maximum 1 year old)

For subsequent treatment, these documents are required as well

  • A treatment agreement signed by both partners (see download)

  • A copy of the marriage certificate

  • For unmarried couples, according to the Austrian Reproductive Medicine Act, evidence (notarial act) of detailed advice on the legal consequences of medically assisted reproduction by a court or notary is required

  • Copies of photo IDs of both partners

  • Non-EU citizens: residence permit

Would you like to know more about the possible treatment methods in our TFP fertility clinic in Klagenfurt? Then make an appointment now for your initial consultation or come to one of our free online informational events.

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