Dr. med. Corinna Montoneri

Gynecologist and IVF expert

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Expert for:

Reproductive medicine

Gynaecological endocrinology


Klagenfurt TFP

CV and experiences

  • Specialist training and Head of the Departmet for Ginecology and Obstetrics at the public hospital in Villach

  • Hospital internship for General Practitioner in Villach and Spittal

  • Medical studies in Graz at the Karl-Franzens-University

Additional education

  • ÖAK-diploma for controled acupuncture

  • ÖAK-Diplom für Notfallmedizin

  • ÖAK-Fortbildungsdiplom

  • International colposcopy diploma

  • Prüfärztekurs der ABCSG

  • Tutorin der Villacher Endoskopieschule

  • Seminar for genetic counselling in hereditary breast and ovarian cancer


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