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Your well-being is our top priority, and it is our wish that all of our patients benefit from our medical expertise and decades of experience.

On our homepage you can get to know our TFP fertility clinic in Klagenfurt better and inform yourself in advance about our treatments. We look forward to meeting you!

Free information evenings

We want to inform you as comprehensively as possible about our offer. That is why we regularly organize information evenings at TFP Klagenfurt and offer you the opportunity to get to know our doctors and to inform yourself comprehensively about our treatments and services.


Get in touch

Because the well-being of our patients is particularly important to us, we are always there to answer your questions or concerns. Contact us by telephone or email or register for a personal initial consultation.


Our clinic

We regard a pleasant and private atmosphere as an important factor for the well-being of our patients. In your TFP fertility centre in Klagenfurt we therefore pay attention to a friendly and bright design of our rooms. You are very welcome to take a look at our fertility clinic in advance.


Our team of experts

The love for our work is the key to the trusting relationship with our patients. Our dedicated team responds to your individual needs and accompanies you reliably through every stage of the treatment.


Our prices

Of course, our fertility couples in Klagenfurt also think about the costs of an IVF treatment. What are the costs of fertility treatment for the patients? Can costs be co-financed and if so, by whom and up to what amount?

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Getting to know you

The first step that we would like to take together with you is a detailed initial consultation in our TFP center in Klagenfurt. The interview is an important basis for getting to know you and your personal situation. Find out more about the procedure here.

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Our treatments

Our many years of experience have taught us that every couple and every treatment is different. That is why we have tailored our treatment methods to support you with all the necessary examinations and state-of-the-art diagnostics. Find out more about all treatment options here.

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Above-average treatment successes

TFP Kinderwunsch Klagenfurt stands for above-average results in fertility treatment. Find out more about the success of treatment with the IVF funds 2017 report, which compares pregnancy rates with the national average in Austria in 2017. 

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Let's talk fertility

Understand family growth options
in a consult with TFP experts in Klagenfurt.