Diagnosis is the start of the journey

A thorough diagnosis is the first step of any successful fertility treatment. Come in to see us and let us find a treatment that's perfectly suited to your situation.

Diagnosis for the desire to have children in Austria

More understanding means better chances

Things we'll look out for include the age of the woman, any changes in the menstrual cycle, how long you've been trying to conceive naturally, and any previous operations or illnesses. Of course, it could also be the case that none of these are issues. We will continue to interview and test you until we're confident of the best course of action.

Cycle monitoring

The woman’s hormonal situation can play a role in the cause of infertility. Her cycle is optimised by appropriate hormonal stimulation of the ovaries and triggering of ovulation.

Monitoring of the cycle

Sperm analysis

If a person with male organs is involved in the fertility journey, we will test their sperm as one of the first things we do. If, after a thorough examination, less than 15 percent of the sperm is regular in shape and less than 25 percent have normal motility, natural pregnancy is unlikely.

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