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Fertility & pregnancy after 40

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On average, women now have children much later on in life than 100 years ago. Many even get pregnant for the first time in their 40s. Many women choose to finish their training or studies, work for a few years, establish their careers, and only then decide to have a child. In principle, this is not a negative development. These mothers are mostly highly educated, patient and, according to various studies, they often have healthier lifestyles and make more sensible parenting decisions.

Potential problems of pregnancy after 40

The late decision to have a child does also carry risks, however. As a woman's age increases, the quality of her eggs decreases, and with it her fertility. After 40, a woman's chances of getting pregnant, of experiencing a pregnancy that is free from complications, and of giving birth to a healthy child are impacted.

The quality of one's eggs starts to diminish from the age of 35, and it decreases rapidly after the age of 40. While the probability of getting pregnant at 40 is still around 25% on average, by the age of 43, it drops to just 10%. From the age of 46, it is only just over one per cent. At the same time, pregnancy at 40-something is far less risky for a woman if it is not her first child.

Also, the age of the father should not be ignored. Although men can father children until old age, the quality of the sperm decreases with age, too.

Fertility treatment after 40

If it is no longer possible to get pregnant naturally after 40, we support women in our fertility clinics who want to become mothers later on in life. With our great wealth of experience and knowledge of fertility, we try to make the dream of having your own child a reality. There are several options available, including in-vitro-fertilisation (IVF), ICSI, hormonal treatments, cycle monitoring, egg donation and other supporting fertility treatments.

Undertaking fertility treatment after 40 - as at any age - is a big decision. For further advice or support, contact our team of experts or book an appointment with one of our fertility doctors.

Tips for getting pregnant after 40

Women wanting to have children after 40 can boost their chances of getting pregnant and remaining healthy throughout the pregnancy by leading a healthy lifestyle. Since eggs suffer a loss in quality after the age of 40, women should make sure that they are physically fit. Our tips for getting pregnant include: 

Of course, men should also follow these guidelines to positively influence their sperm quality.

Monitoring your cycle to identify the point of ovulation is also very useful. This is especially because in women over 35, the time of ovulation often shifts towards the beginning of the cycle.

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