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Fertility treatment for lesbian couples

 Lesbian couple

For TFP, there is no cause for discussion: it is self-evident that same-sex couples have a right to have children. Fortunately, Austrian legislation recognises this now as well. Since 2015, we have been able to treat homosexual female couples wishing to have children in Austria thanks to the revised Law on Reproductive Medicine (FmedG).

And since 15th January of the same year, lesbian couples have finally had the opportunity to seek financial support from the IVF fund, just like heterosexual couples.

So how can we help you get pregnant? "Lesbian", or homosexual female couples can resort to fertility treatment if they want to have children. By means of insemination or in-vitro fertilisation (IVF), we can fertilise your eggs and help you become a mother. We are also happy to assist you in your search for a suitable sperm donor.

Sperm donation for those wishing to have children

If homosexual couples have an acquaintance available to them as a private sperm donor, we can induce pregnancy for the couple desiring children by means of articial insemination using the sperm of this acquaintance.

Otherwise, women in a partnership have the opportunity of resorting to sperm donation from a sperm bank. These donations are made anonymously. Physicians and biologists assign a suitable man. However, the selection is made according to the couple's desired criteria. It goes without saying that donors are examined both with respect to their health and genetics, and must undergo a critical social anamnesis.

The conceived child has the right to get to know the name of the donor at the age of 14. If the couple wishes to have a second child from the same donor, the sperm from the man can be reserved for the desired second pregnancy. 

What to do in the case of infertility?

If the woman who wants to carry the pregnancy is potentially infertile, due, for example to endometriosis or other causes, we go on the hunt for clues and, after making a diagnosis, we get cracking with the appropriate treatment. If the problem cannot be corrected, female homosexual couples in Austria can also get help in the form of egg donation. 

The Austrian Reproductive Act stipulates that egg donors may not be older than 30 and that the egg recipients cannot be older than 45. Furthermore, donation cannot be performed anonymously. And here, too, the conceived child again has the right to obtain information about the donor once he/she has turned 14.

More information?

Fertility treatment is a personal matter. We are always at your disposal offering detailed information. 

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