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Ultra-light stimulation

In vitro fertilisation - Artificial insemination

Ultra-Light Stimulation

Many women who are planning to undergo fertility treatment worry about the high hormone doses and the related high costs. 

Other causes for worry are the risk of having multiples and the so-called "hyperstimulation" (OHSS – Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome).

The Ultra-Light Stimulation (mini IVF) is a new method of stimulation that has been developed in order to avoid many problems before they arise. Professor Kato in Tokyo was the first to develop the method of Ultra-Light Stimulation. It was later improved by Dr John Zhang of the New Hope Fertility Clinic in New York.

The advantages of Ultra-Light Stimulation

  • through the mini IVF, one can avoid a possible hyperstimulation syndrome

  • no, or only a few injections are applied

  • the expenses for the medication/drugs are very low

  • the procedure of stimulation is extremely simple

  • only a maximum of four to eight ovarian follicles develop, and the egg cells contained in them are normally of a high quality

  • the so-called “artificial menopause injection” or “down regulation” is not necessary

  • a premature ovulation practically never occurs using mini IVF

  • the side-effects are exceptionally low!

We now know that a high stimulation dosage, which is routinely used particularly in older women, may lead to a reduction in the egg cell quality.

The suboptimal development in the course of the mini IVF is that the tablets used may lead to a reduced build-up of the endometrium in some patients. 

This means that with the use of reduced medication, a higher number of good egg cells can be achieved, but at the same time the pregnancy rate is lowered due to an inferior endometrium.  

The solution to this problem lies in the “freezing of embryos”. Since this cryopreservation is carried out using vitrification, we can assume a “survival rate” of the embryos of more than 75%.  In the next natural cycle, a cryotransfer cycle follows the stimulation cycle. The pregnancy rate is almost as high as that of a “fresh cycle” with reduced risks and lower costs.

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