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TESE/MESA - Sperm collection

Sperm aspiration (MESA) Sperm extraction (TESE)

What is TESE?

TESE is the extraction of small portions of tissue from the testicle under anaesthesia. After treatment of the tissue samples, usually it's possibile to gain single sperm cells which can then be used for ICSI. A TESE procedure is done in cases of severe disorders of the sperm production.

For insemination, as well as IVF and ICSI, sperm is usually collected by masturbation. The Men's Room at our clinic serves for this purpose. The sperm sample can also be brought from home. However, the sample should arrive at the clinic within one hour of collection and warm (35 degrees), e.g. by carrying the sperm bag inside the breast pocket.

In certain cases no sperm cells can be found in the ejaculate and it is necessary extract them surgically directly from the testes (TESE) or epididymis (MESA).

During the microsurgical epididymal sperm aspiration (MESA) sperm cells are extracted directly from the epididymis. In case of missing or blocked ductus deferens this method, in combination with ICSI, has promising success rates.

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