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Social Freezing / Egg Freezing

Also known as cryopreservation, find out more about the possibilities of Social Freezing in Austria

Social freezing - egg freezing

While social freezing has been recognised as a regular treatment method in the context of fertility treatment in the USA and Germany for several years, the freezing of eggs (also known as cryopreservation) may only be carried out in Austria in cases of medical necessity.

This medical necessity exists, for example, if irreversible damage to the genetic material is to be expected due to an illness or medical treatment (e.g. chemotherapy).

In these cases, artificial insemination using frozen eggs can be carried out in an Austrian TFP fertility clinic. Social freezing by this definition, i.e. the deliberate freezing of eggs at a young age for later fertility treatment, is not currently permitted in Austria.

Does social freezing also work for men?

The legal restriction that social freezing is not allowed in Austria without a medical reason also applies to men. However, men due to start chemotherapy or radiotherapy or undergo an operation on the testicles can have their sperm frozen for later use. Fertility treatment can then be carried out at the appropriate time.

What do the health insurance companies pay?

The costs of egg freezing have not yet been reimbursed by health insurance companies in Austria.

In addition to the costs for hormone treatment and egg collection, there are fees for freezing the eggs and annual costs for their storage. If the frozen eggs are used again, there are also the costs of in vitro fertilisation (IVF) to consider.

Would you like to know more about social freezing?

We will advise you critically and comprehensively on whether cryopreservation makes sense for you and inform you in detail about the opportunities and possible risks. Contact your preferred clinic now and arrange a personal consultation appointment.

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