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Pre-Implantation Diagnostic (PID)

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The complete genetic code of the human being, the information about all our features and attributes, is stored in the DNA. This is a huge molecule, a macromolecule, in the shape of a double spiral.

The Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PID) enables diagnosis of deformities in the earliest embryonic development stage (age of the embryo: 3 days).

The chances of pregnancy and the birth of a healthy child are increased using PID or PGD methods. At the same time, the risk of miscarriage or the necessity of abortion due to genetic reasons are reduced.

As of 2015, this diagnostic is finally legal in Austria under certain medical preconditions!

Our team of experts at the TFP clinic will be happy to discuss this topic in a first consultation.

Cost coverage

In Austria, the costs of PGD are neither covered by statutory health insurance nor by the IVF fund.

We offer this service in:

  • Klagenfurt


    9020 Klagenfurt

  • Vienna


    1140 Vienna

  • Wels


    4600 Wels

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