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Therapy for immune problems and nidation failure

Immunotherapy for infertility

Therapy for immune problems and nidation failure

It has increasingly been shown that the female immune defense is an influencing factor in falling and remaining pregnant. Principally the immune system is there to destroy foreign cells and to protect the body’s own cells at the same time.

The embryo represents a big challenge for the female immune system. Since both maternal and paternal parts are combined in the embryo, the immune system should recognize this “intruder” as being foreign and reject it.

Often the embryos are recognized as being foreign by killer cells that are found in large numbers in the uterus, and are subsequently fought against. By taking a sample of tissue from the uterus in the second half of the menstrual cycle, one can establish the number of natural killer cells. In this case, TFP clinic cooperates with the plasma center in Jena, Germany.

Often the communication from the embryo to the maternal immune system is blocked. In this case, supportive medication is used.

Colony stimulating factors can be used as a mini injection that is injected under the skin and leads to an improvement of the immune response, and thus to a clear improvement of nidation chances.

The drugs Neupogen, Granozyte or Nivestim are currently being experimentally applied in “off label use”, and are being used to stimulate the multiplication of immune cells.

Many of the immunological factors can be clarified in our partner laboratories - www.medizinische-genetik.deor

The TFP clinic also applies the new EmbryoGen medium, which includes the growth factors CM-CSF.

The addition of growth factors to IVF media provides for a preimplantation environment which approximates the natural, physiological environment.

Embryos that have been exposed to growth factors have a better chance of nidation and successful development.

We recommend the use of EmbryoGen to patients who

  • Have had several unsuccessful implantations

  • Have had previous miscarriages

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