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Hormone therapies

Hormone treatment

Falling pregnant without IVF

Often, as a patient at the TFP fertility clinic you do not necessarily need to begin with IVF straight away. In many cases, the “key to success” is the optimization of the female hormone system and a monitoring of the follicle maturation and the ovulation trigger.

A precondition for a therapy to falling pregnant naturally is that the partner’s sperm is of highest quality.

A precondition for a therapy to falling pregnant naturally is that the partner’s sperm is of highest quality.

The KinderWunschKlinik focuses on attaining a regulated thyroid function (TSH target value 0.5 – 1.5) but hormone values like FSH and LH can also offer valuable clues to a woman's hormonal situation. FSH and LH control the hormone production in the ovaries, the cycle and ovulation. The prolactin hormone is also important and can be increased with medication.

Between day 1 and day 4 of the cycle, the fertility patient should have blood tests done. The objective of the hormone treatment is to support the ovary function so that the chance of having a natural pregnancy is increased.

Here, an optimal maturation of the oocyte must first be achieved. Follicle maturation is controlled and guided using an ultrasound examination in the vagina with the aim of achieving at least an 18mm diameter follicle. At the start of hormone therapy, treatment is carried out using very low dose hormone injections. Patients can administer these pain-free injections themselves and information about how to use the injections is given at the Fertility Clinic. Ovulation can be hormonally assisted through a hypodermic injection (hCG 10.000 units).

After the triggering of ovulation, the couple should have as much sexual intercourse as possible in order to increase the chances of natural fertilisation. After a few days the nidation period ends and the luteal phase can then be assisted through an additional administration of progesterone.

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