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In the course of IVF/ICSI therapy, it can unfortunately happen that despite the transfer of embryos of very good quality, no pregnancy is achieved.

This condition is called failed implantation. In this case, it is important to find the cause before carrying out further cycles. The reasons for the embryos not implanting are varied and include a wide range of conditions. Small fibroids and polyps, which cannot be detected by ultrasound because of their size, prevent "cross talk" between the endometrium and the embryo. However, they can be diagnosed by diagnostic hysteroscopy (uterine endoscopy) and, if necessary, removed in the same session.

The TFP Fertility Clinic Vienna is the only private institute in Austria to offer this examination directly at the clinic. This saves the patients having to go to the hospital. With the help of the EndoSee (a special device with a very thin camera), the uterine cavity can be assessed and small interventions can be performed.

In addition, this examination can be combined with the taking of microbiological smears, nK/plasma cells and the ERA PEACK test.

Thus, in the TFP Fertility Clinic Vienna, the answers to many questions regarding implantation defects can be found with a single examination.

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