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Treatment using donor sperm (donor insemination) from the clinic's internal sperm bank is advised if:

  • the male partner is unable to procreate

  • the chance of having a genetically shared child cannot be improved by using any other fertilisation treatments

  • the couple are finding other fertilisation treatments too difficult

  • other reasons exist, such as the male partner carrying a genetic disease, that make using donor sperm the best option

  • lesbian couples wishing for a child of their own

After the first consultation, the doctors at the TFP fertility clinic will select an appropriate donor with the aim of retaining the physical features of the couple. The social circumstances of donor and recipient are also taken into careful consideration.

A child resulting from the use of donor sperm has the right, after his or her 14th birthday, to learn the name of the donor. The parents of the child do not share this right.

If the couple wishes to have a second child using the same donor, the sperm can be reserved for a second pregnancy (providing the donor does not cancel the agreement in the meantime). Each treatment is carefully documented.

All the documentation referring to each individual case is liable to legal storage and kept for a period of 30 years.

IVF/ICSI treatment with donor sperm is legal in Austria as of 2015 and will bring with it a significant increase in the pregnancy rate.

We are happy to provide you with all of the details during a personal first consultation!

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