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Inability to conceive

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You feel the desire of having a baby but it doesn’t work out? You’d like to know what you can do to get pregnant? We have some useful advice how to increase your chances of pregnancy:


As soon as you start IVF-treatment alcohol should be consumed only in small quantities. During pregnancy you shouldn’t consume any alcoholic beverages at all.

Coffee and fertility

Something similar can be said about the consumption of coffee in large quantities. However, when consumed in reasonable quantities, it seems to improve the motility of the sperm.

Broken cigarette


If you want to get pregnant you should stop smoking immediately. Nicotine has a negative influence on the fertility of men an women.

Smoking reduces the man’s sperm quality and the number of sperm cells. Women who smoke lower their chances to get pregnant because of the negative influence of nicotine on the quality of the egg cells and their implantation in the uterus. Smoking also brings on menopause faster – as 4 years faster than in non smoking women. Research has shown that nicotine doesn’t only have a negative influence on fertility but also on the baby’s health. Especially women smokers often suffer miscarriage, placental abruption and malformation of the fetus. It is therefore important to stop smoking before starting IVF-treatment. The chances of getting pregnant, in women smokers, reduce of 50%.

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