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Family life

For so many years I tried to get pregnant. Whilst for my husband a life without kids would have been fine too, for me it was unacceptable.

Desperately I searched for possibilities until my gynecologist gave me the contacts of TFP Kinderwunsch Klagenfurt. I was very happy to see how descrete, sensitive and competent the whole team was. Treatment also wasn't as uncomfortable as I thought and the most important thing - it was successful!

Now I have two beautiful and healthy children and live a happy, fulfilled family life. Getting help at TFP was definitely the best decision ever.

Should no one ever call me mommy?

I've tried to get pregnant for 6 years but it never happened.

Every month when my period arrived it was a huge delusion and and the wish to have a baby always got bigger and bigger. I really started suffering and had moments of total despair.

Thank you very much for everything!

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