Dr. Chantal Simonis


Dr Chantal Simonis

Specialist in

IVF treatment

Reproductive medicine


Dr Chantal Simonis is a gynaecologist and obstetrician having trained in Southampton, Winchester and South Africa. She has worked with TFP Wessex Fertility since 2000.

Chantal spent three years as an IVF Research Fellow in Southampton and during that time undertook research into the effects of IVF treatment on women with polycystic ovaries. She has a special interest in reproductive medicine and recurrent miscarriage. 

Chantal  has developed the Rapid Fertility Assessment clinic at TFP Wessex Fertility which allows for prompt diagnosis and treatment of fertility problems. She was awarded her Doctorate in Medicine for research into polycystic ovary syndrome in 2011.

Chantal spent three years as an IVF Research Fellow with the team when it was based at the Chalybeate Hospital in Southampton. Chantal also holds the RCOG/RCR Advanced Diploma in Obstetric Ultrasound.


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