Private obstetrics services

Many women can benefit from a private obstetrics service with the flexibility to fit around your needs. A care plan for your childbirth with an expert can help ensure a positive, gentle experience, while reassuring you that if there are complications, you are in the best hands.


Who provides the service?

Our private obstetric service is provided by Mr William Dennes and Ms Bryony Jones who both have busy NHS and private practices.

Their specialist interests are:

Mr Dennes:

  • Complicated pregnancy

  • Antenatal (or before birth) ultrasound and screening, including the Harmony test

  • Multiple pregnancy (twins)

  • Elective caesarean section

Ms Jones:

  • High risk obstetrics

  • Pregnancy care following IVF

  • Pregnancy in women with hypertension

  • Gestational diabetes (a condition in which your blood sugar becomes high during pregnancy)

  • Ultrasound

  • Non-invasive prenatal testing

  • Amniocentesis (a medical procedure in which a small amount of amniotic fluid is sampled for testing)

  • Pregnancy care with previous miscarriage history

  • Elective caesarean section

When are the recommended antenatal appointments?

Antenatal appointments are generally recommended at

  • 8 weeks to date the pregnancy

  • 12 weeks depending on wishes regarding Down's syndrome screening

  • 20 weeks ‘anomaly’ scan

Scans after this time will be arranged on an as-needed basis or upon patient request.

Where will the deliveries happen?

Deliveries are conducted at:

  • Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital (Ms Jones, Mr Dennes)

  • The Lindo Wing, St Mary’s Hospital (Mr Dennes and Ms Jones)

  • The Portland Hospitals (Mr Dennes)

  • The Kensington Wing – Chelsea and Westminster Hospital (Mr Dennes)

These delivery arrangements provide an excellent blend between the comfort of personal attention for outpatient visits, comfortable inpatient stays and the provision of the very best hospital back up services in case of emergencies either before or after delivery.

What is included in the packages?

The packages include:

  • Initial antenatal appointment (refunded if paid prior to booking package)

  • Antenatal appointments (12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 41 weeks) and a postnatal check (there are fewer appointments if this is not your first pregnancy).

  • Delivery fee (any mode of delivery)

The packages exclude:

  • Antenatal blood tests and pathology (testing of body tissues and fluids to determine the cause and nature of diseases)

  • Ultrasound scans

  • Hospital fees (any antenatal admissions or delivery)

  • Pediatrician fees

  • Anaesthetist fees


What if my consultant is not available?

Mr Dennes shares on call arrangements with consultant colleagues at the Portland Queen Charlotte’s and the Lindo Wing at weekends. Miss Jones shares on-call arrangements with consultant colleagues at Queen’s Charlotte Hospital at weekends.

Please note any extended absence due to annual leave will be made known to patients at booking.


Useful Links

Ms Jones website: http://bryonyjones.co.uk

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