Body composition scans

Body composition scans are used to accurately assess your bone, fat and muscle mass, to provide you with a clear starting point towards your individual health and fitness goals.

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Our premium service includes a 20 minute appointment with a Senior Sonographer or Radiographer, within the comfort of our first class facilities. Scan appointments at TFP 92 Harley Street are usually available within 24 hours, and your individual report is available immediately.

What is a body composition scan?

The body composition scan is a simple, non-invasive scan that uses low frequency X-rays to accurately measure bone, fat and muscle mass in the body.

Do I have to prepare for the scan?

No preparation is necessary, but you do need to tell us if you are pregnant or think you might be.

What will happen when I have the scan?

You will be taken to a private room where you will lie down on a bed, while the scanning arm passes over you, taking an image of your body composition.

The scan is completely painless, and does not involve being enclosed inside a scan machine, or any injections. You will be asked to remain still to ensure that the image is accurate.

You usually do not have to remove any of your clothing for the scan, but if there is a significant amount of metal on your clothing near the hips or along the spinal area, this clothing may have to be removed so it does not affect your scan.

What can I do with my body composition scan results?

Your DEXA scan results are available immediately, and give you an accurate measure of your fat and muscle mass, which can be used as a measure of progress in your health and fitness goals.

Fat loss: Our Body Composition Scan service will tell you exactly how much fat is in your body, and how much you would need to lose to reach your weight loss goal. We have an experienced dietitian on site, who we can refer you to for further guidance on fat loss should you wish.

Muscle gain: If you are looking to gain weight and muscle, the body scan will give you an accurate measure of lean mass you currently have, providing you with a baseline for your muscle gain goals.

How much does the body composition scan cost?

Our DEXA body composition scan service costs £150 for an initial scan. We then offer a number of packages so you can track your progress throughout your health and fitness journey. We recommend an interval of 12-16 weeks between each scan with the minimum interval being 8 weeks.

Every scan is performed by a Senior Sonographer or Radiographer, at our private clinic in the heart of London. Appointments are usually available within 24 hours.

Chaperones are available upon request. Please do mention at time of booking if you would like a chaperone.

How do I book a body composition scan at TFP 92 Harley Street?

Book a Body Composition Scan at 92 Harley Street with no referral required, and no consultation fee.

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