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Fecondazione in vitro - Inseminazione artificiale

ICSI fertilization

The method of intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is one of the greatest advances in the treatment of male infertility. In this procedure, a single sperm is introduced into a mature egg cell with a micropipette (under a microscope). Docytoplasmic sperm injection is used in significantly reduced male fertility, in failures of classical IVF, or in cases where the egg cells have a sheath preventing the entry of sperm. In addition, in the case of obstruction of the sperm ducts, it is possible to collect sperm from the epididymis of the partner and (in cases of dysfunction of the ileum tubules) - from the testicle.


When is ICSI used?

The following indications give cause for ICSI treatment:

  • Limited quality of the sperm material: if the number of sperm in the ejaculate is too low, the mobility of the sperm is limited or there are defects in the shape of the sperm (see sperm quality).

  • if a preliminary attempt - despite good sperm quality - has led to no or only limited fertilisation of the eggs.

  • In cycles in which genetic testing of the polar bodies or trophectoderm is performed (pre-implantation diagnostics).

ICSI, used by an experienced embryologist, increases the probability of fertilization of an egg up to 90%.

To give you the best possible chance of becoming parents, we recommend IVF treatment combined with ICSI right from the start. At TFP, we offer real hope and set you up for success, which is why we make the following treatments possible:

  • IVF/ICSI with your own gametes

  • IVF/ICSI with donor sperm

  • IVF/ICSI with donor cells

RI Witness for the reliable allocation of samples

You are in safe hands!

We are pioneers in the use of the RI Witness safety control system. It involves a unique way of labeling germ cells and embryos, which guarantees their error-free identification at every stage of laboratory operations and storage.

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