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Opportunities and risks of fertility treatment

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Artificial insemination – The chance to have a planned child

If, despite repeated attempts, pregnancy does not occur naturally, going to a fertility clinic promises many couples new hope of having their own child. In our fertility clinics, we place great importance on providing you with comprehensive information regarding the opportunities and risks of your treatment, whether these are the chances of conception or the risks of artificial insemination. Naturally, we are also available to you for any questions and doubts you may have during the treatment. Just reach out; we're here for you.

Miscarriages and fertility treatment

About 15 % of all pregnancies end in miscarriage. A large part of these terminations occur in the early stages of pregnancy, before the women even realise that they are pregnant. There is also a risk of miscarriage for pregnancies as the result of insemination, ICSI and IVF. However, reproductive medicine has advanced so rapidly in recent years that the odds of successful treatment continue to increase. Our experts have a Europe-wide network and have in the past achieved artificial insemination success rates that clearly exceed the average. The aim of the work in our clinics is to identify, through comprehensive diagnosis, the possible risk factors for your pregnancy and minimise the risk of miscarriage. Here you will find more on the topics of miscarriage and fertility treatment.

Pregnancy at 40+ – Opportunities and risks of artificial insemination

There are many different factors that contribute to a high-risk pregnancy – general lifestyle, organ health, hormones and genetics can all play a role. The biggest risk factor for a pregnancy, however, is the woman’s age. Where the natural pregnancy rate for young couples is still at around 30%, it drops to 8% after a woman turns 40. However, our past results indicate hope for successful treatment – we have been able to significantly exceed the natural pregnancy rates in all age groups. Although there are risks, the aim of our efforts is, on the one hand, to always improve the prospects of success and on the other hand, to minimize the stress of the treatment. In this regard, you can rely on our many years of experience and our high quality standards. Here you can learn more about high-risk pregnancies and the risks of artificial insemination.

The signs of pregnancy – How do I know if it worked?

After artificial insemination, the waiting starts: when a period is missed for the first time, a pregnancy test is performed to provide certainty as to whether the transfer was successful. However, the first signs of pregnancy can already make themselves felt before this, e.g.:

  • Persistent fatigue

  • Constipation

  • Tenderness in your breasts

  • Irritability and mood swings


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