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Become a sperm donor

There is a great shortage of sperm donors in the Netherlands. As a result, waiting times for starting treatment with donor sperm can be up to a year or even longer. TFP MC Kinderwens is looking for men who would like to donate sperm in order to help wishful parents realise their desire for a child.

Why become a sperm donor?

About 10% of women who wish to have children do not become pregnant (immediately). This unwanted childlessness is a big problem for many women and their partners.

Approximately 1 in 6 couples are faced with fertility problems. The cause lies in approximately 30% of cases with the man, 30% with the woman and 30% with both. In 10% of couples, no explanation is found for the lack of pregnancy.

There is a wide range of fertility treatments available, but for some couples, there is only one possibility to become pregnant. These couples are dependent on sperm donation treatments to realise their wish for a child. A sperm donor can really make all the difference. 

An ever-growing number of single or lesbian women rely on sperm donation treatments to realise their desire to have children. As a result, the demand for sperm donors has increased considerably.

Becoming an egg donor

There is a great shortage of egg donation in the Netherlands. For many people, there is no other possibility of having children than with the help of donor eggs. By donating your eggs, you can make a significant change in the lives of women who cannot become pregnant without your contribution. Egg donors are desperately needed to give these people a chance to become the happy parents of a much desired child.

Why become an egg donor?

TFP MC Kinderwens was the first clinic in the Netherlands to start an egg cell bank. There are currently three egg cell banks in the Netherlands. Due to a large shortage of egg donors, the waiting lists for the egg cell banks are very long and regularly closed for registration.

More and more women are unable to have children with their own eggs. This is due, among other things, to the effects of cancer, early menopause or hereditary factors. These women have only one possibility to become pregnant, namely with the help of donor eggs.

Finding someone who wants to be an egg donor is often not easy. Egg donation isn't as easy as sperm donation because eggs are more difficult to obtain. If the waiting list for the egg bank is not shortened, women will only be able to get eggs from relatives, friends or abroad. Unfortunately, this will mean that some hopeful mothers will remain childless.


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