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Welcome to TFP: We Make Families

We are an international and fully accredited group of leading fertility clinics.

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Expect the industry-leading expertise, care and compassion that have made us market leaders across Europe for 35 years.

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    We care

    We will be right alongside you and your family every step of the way

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    Our teams are composed of industry-leaders in fertility and women's health

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    We are at the forefront of technological and medical advances in fertility

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What makes us stand out

Putting you at the centre of fertility care

We personalise each treatment to you and your family.

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Leading the way for 35+ years

But, we're not complacent. We're always looking for new research, methods, and ways of improving our care.

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We never stop learning

Science, research and innovation are key to how we work and have kept us at the forefront of fertility treatments. Our team of globally renowned specialists are here for you.


Our proud history

We have come a long way since 1979. We are proud of each family we've made as well as our world firsts and accolades.

  • 1979

    An ultrasound

    World's 1st

    Prof Fleming's team demonstrated for the first time that ultrasound can be used to identify and measure follicle growth.

  • 1982

    A lab

    GnRH breakthrough

    Prof Fleming's team first demonstrated GnRH Agonists can be used to blockade LH surge in stimulated cycles. Remains the gold standard throughout the world.

  • 1990

    A lab

    1st PGD

    TFP Group Clinic has world first PGD pregnancy.

  • 1992

    A lab

    1st CF PDG

    TFP Group Clinic has world first PGD pregnancy for cystic fibrosis screening.

  • 1998

    A lab

    1st Cancer PDG

    TFP Group Clinic has world first PGD pregnancy for predisposition for cancer.

  • 2004

    A lab

    1st haemophilia PDG

    TFP Group Clinic has world first PGD pregnancy for haemophilia.

  • 2007

    A lab


    TFP Group Clinic published: Use of anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH) to categorise responses to ovarian stimulation in women undergoing IVF

  • 2008

    A lab

    1st Pergoveris Baby

    TFP Group clinic has 1st baby born through use of new fertility drug Pergoveris.

  • 2010

    A lab


    TFP Group Clinic published: explanation of how progesterone is increased when LH is suppressed.

  • 2012

    An ultrasound


    TFP Group Clinic published: Identification of new phase in the life-history of human ovarian function.

  • 2013

    A lab

    1st EEVA Conception

    TFP Group Clinic has world first conception to birth from EEVA timelapse technology.

  • 2014

    A lab

    1st Kisspeptin Baby

    TFP Group Clinic has world first IVF baby using Kisspeptin.

  • 2020


    Historic Merge

    The Fertility Partnership and VivaNeo join forces, creating a pan-European fertility super-network: TFP.


- Jo & Jeff -

Mr Mohamed gave us confidence from the very beginning. The clinic was always so friendly and I knew we were in safe hands.

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We are one TFP

Together we are stronger.

Learn about our the historic merge of two of Europe's leading fertility groups here.


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