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We found Kinderwens Medical Centre on the internet and made an appointment there. When we came in, we immediately found it peaceful and quiet and warm. Not a clinical hospital institution, but a warm welcome.

We chose the Kinderwens Medical Centre because it is a small-scale centre with a very personal approach. That really appealed to us. It just feels right, it feels warm and familiar, like we didn't come in as patients. Mariëlle is now pregnant with her third child. All three children were conceived through IVF treatment at the Kinderwens Medical Centre.

I really liked the fact that the question of how you are doing was always asked authentically. They are professionals and they radiate that from all sides. We would like to say to anyone who is in doubt: Stop doubting and take this chance. It is tough at times, but the support you can get from professionals can also offer you so much. There are people waiting on the other side who really give you a hand and then you don't have to do it alone anymore. And that can lead to a very nice result.

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