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Become an egg donor

Sometimes, the only way a couple can conceive is through the use of donated eggs (oocytes). By donating oocytes, you can have a truly meaningful impact on the lives of those who deeply want to have children and are unable to conceive without your help.


Become an egg donor now

What are the eligibility requirements to donate?

You can register if you meet the following requirements:

  • You are between 23 and 35 years old

  • You are physically and mentally sound

  • Your family doesn’t have a history of severe hereditary defects

  • You are not HIV-positive or carrying another venereal disease

  • Your risk of developing a venereal disease isn’t elevated

  • Your ovarian reserve is average for your age (this is examined through blood tests and a vaginal ultrasound)

  • You have a fixed address in the Netherlands

  • You agree to the distribution of your personal data to the Stichting Registratie Donorgegevens (donors’ personal details registration association)

After registering

After registering, you’ll be invited for a commitment-free informative consultation with one of our physicians. During this consultation, your medical background will be examined closely. This helps us assess the risks to your health associated with an IVF treatment and oocyte retrieval, but also the risk of hereditary disorders that may be passed on to a child. Your physician will also extensively discuss your own current or future desire to have children.

The procedure and risks of an IVF treatment will be explained to you. Finally, the physician will conduct a vaginal ultrasound. After that, our fertility counselor will talk you though the emotional and juridical aspects of oocyte donation and inform you of current legislation surrounding oocyte donation in the Netherlands.

Screening for STDs

According to Dutch guidelines, oocyte donors must be screened for the following STDs: Hepatitis B and C, HIV, syphilis, chlamydia and gonorrhea. If the tests are positive (not applicable if you’ve been vaccinated against hepatitis B), we’re sorry to say that we can’t accept you as a donor.

Donor agreement

The donor agreement will be explained to you over the course of the consultations with the physician and the fertility counselor. After being approved by the physician and the fertility counselor and signing the donor agreement, you’ll be an official oocyte donor.

Oocyte donation and anonymity

Anonymous oocyte donation s not allowed in the Netherlands, as established in a law known as the ‘Wet Donorgegevens Kunstmatige Bevruchting’ (law on Donors’ Personal Details for Artificial Insemination). All oocyte banks are required to register all data related to artificial inseminations using donated oocytes, sperm or embryos to the Stichting Donorgegevens Kunstmatige Bevruchting (the Donors’ Personal Details Registration Association). The SDKB will provide physical and social attributes of the donor (such as hair color, eye color, occupation and education) to the parents and/or child after the child’s twelfth birthday, if the parents or child request it.

After the sixteenth birthday, the child can request personal identifying features of the donor. The donor has no rights or (financial) duties regarding the child, and the child or parents cannot demand rights in return. More information regarding the SKDB as well as current legislation can be found at the SDKB’s website: 


It is forbidden by law to sell oocytes. We will, however, reimburse you for the effort and time you’re putting into this, as well as the inherent risks associated with the procedure. The total amount is €680 for a single complete treatment. You’ll also be receiving €0,19/km travel expenses.

Become an egg donor now

All you need to know about egg donation

pdfInformation for donors to the oocyte bank
pdfInformation about the oocyte bank for acceptor
pdfInformation egg cell donation for known donor

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