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Psychological counselling

Counselling for fertility patients

In our clinic, we consider it very important that, in addition to the physical treatment, extensive attention is paid to the emotional wellbeing of our patients. Therefore, when you visit our clinic, we do not only examine you for physical issues. A pillar of our treatment is the confidential and personal relationship with our patients. We offer you the possibility of psychological counselling by our social workers or psychologists. You can also make an appointment with them for additional emotional support. If we look at your wishes from all sides and guide you both physically and psychologically, we can optimally guide you during the treatment process.

EMDR therapy

A number of specialised EMDR therapists work in our clinic.

What is EMDR therapy?

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, shortened to EMDR, is a short-term form of therapy for people who continue to suffer from the consequences of a shocking and/or anxiety-provoking experience, who have to deal with fears and/or people who are hindered by negative thoughts about themselves formed in the past.

When is EMDR suitable?

  • Fear of injections

  • Negative thoughts such as: I am worthless/ugly/guilty

  • Fear of failure

  • Fear of treatment

  • Fear after a miscarriage

  • Fear after treatment failure

  • Fear of a future without children

  • Gloom after a loss

  • Fear of activities

  • Unprocessed anger

Certain events can deeply affect people's lives. Not everyone is able to process these experiences on their own and psychological symptoms arise. Often memories of the shocking event linger, including frightening images (flashbacks) and nightmares. Other symptoms that often occur are startle and avoidance reactions.

How does EMDR work?

Stress hormones produced during a bad event can cause a blockage in the brain between the short and long term memory. Because of this, the brain is not able to process the bad memories in a healthy way and to derive meaning from them. The memory remains "stuck" in the short term memory. Because of this, you continue to believe that there is still danger or that you are permanently guilty, powerless or worthless. This gives rise to psychological complaints.

During REM-sleep, this higher information processing normally takes place. The blockage in the brain, however, prevents this process. By offering visual stimulation (following a hand that the therapist moves back and forth at 30 cm from the client's face), or the so-called auditory "clicks" during the therapy, the REM sleep is as it were imitated and the brain starts working with the non-processed information.

During the EMDR procedure, this usually triggers a flow of thoughts and images, but sometimes also feelings and physical sensations.

Gradually, the memory will lose its power and emotional charge. It becomes increasingly easier to think back to the original event. With this, the psychological symptoms one is now experiencing that are related to the shocking experience will also disappear.


Scientific research shows that clients respond quickly and well to EMDR. People who undergo this therapy after a single traumatic event are often able to resume their daily activities after just a few sessions.

Where therapists used to need a large number of sessions, now a few sessions are often needed to achieve the desired result. The therapy, therefore, works quickly and effectively.

An advantage of EMDR is that it is not necessary to talk about the shocking experience in detail. That makes the treatment significantly less demanding.

Would you like more information?

Several certified EMDR therapists work at the TFP MC Kinderwens. They are certified EMDR Master Practitioners.

If you would like to know more about EMDR or ask whether EMDR could help with your specific symptoms, please feel free to contact Iris van Putten, social worker.

The cost of a session is 60 EUR per session. Some insurers reimburse the sessions from the supplementary insurance.

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