Iris van Putten

Social worker


I am Iris van Putten, and I am a medical social worker at TFP MC Kinderwens.

I have been working at TFP MC Kinderwens since 2014. Before this, I worked at the LUMC and doing general social work.

During my work at the LUMC, I first came into contact with people with an unfulfilled desire to have children. Since then, the subject has always interested me. It has always been a passion of mine to be able to work with people on their fertility journey. I find it special to be involved in such an intimate wish. The impact it has on people is enormous. 

Even well-intentioned advice when things are not going well is not always pleasant. You may encounter misunderstanding, either consciously or unconsciously, with your partner, friends, family, or self. There are opportunities to strengthen your relationship with a possible partner while under pressure, rather than lose each other. I see it as my task to support people in their current struggles and make plans for the future.

Because I think it's important to keep developing, I've been trained as a Mindfulness trainer as well as an EMDR master practitioner, so I can help people reduce their anxiety symptoms through EMDR.

I find it important to give people the feeling that they are not alone in this process. I do this by taking the time for them, taking them seriously and expressing understanding for the situation they are in. People often experience a sense of relief when they leave my office. This gives me the feeling that they can be who they are and feel safe to share their story with me, so that I can support them throughout the process.



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