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Costs - How does it work?

The care you receive at the TFP MC Kinderwens is covered by almost all insurance companies. Our care is reimbursed by insurance companies in the same way as care in hospitals. Since 1 January 2007, the first three IVF or ICSI treatments are covered by basic insurance. This also includes the transfer of any embryos frozen during these treatments. Each IVF or ICSI treatment is considered a separate care product. Some insurance companies require authorisation in order to qualify for IVF or ICSI; you should check with your insurance company in advance. TFP MC Kinderwens has contracts with the vast majority of insurers. The bill will then go directly to your insurance company. You can ask us whether your insurance company has a contract with us

DOT care products: what are they?

As of 1 January 2012, all hospitals and health care institutions in the Netherlands are obliged to apply rates according to the so-called DOT-systematics. This is a package of examinations and/or treatments, called care products, to which a total price is linked. For information about this, we refer to the sites of the government.


A certain care product is opened as soon as the treatment or examination has started. In practice, this happens when you visit the practitioner for the first time. The care product is closed and charged to you or your insurer when the examination or treatment has been completed.

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Cancelling an appointment

If you cannot come to the agreed appointment, you should cancel at least 24 hours in advance. If you do not appear without notice or you cancel your appointment within 24 hours we will charge you the legal "no show" rate. For the amount, please refer to our recent price list.


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