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Embryo donation

Embryo donation at TFP

Who is eligible for embryo donation?

TFP MC Kinderwens is the only centre in the Netherlands that supervises embryo donation treatments. In our information leaflet, you can find detailed information on embryo donation. If you would like to be considered for this, please send an email to:

What does embryo donation entail?

Embryo donation is the transfer of remaining embryos from an IVF or ICSI treatment to another couple (the prospective parents). At the TFP MC Kinderwens, embryos are donated to the donor parents who are unable to have children with their own reproductive cells.

The Civil Code states that the woman from whom the child is born is the mother of the child. The child's father is the man who is married to the mother at the time of the child's birth. So there is only a genetic bond, not a legal relationship, between the embryo donors and the child born from this donation. The embryo donor has no rights or obligations towards the donor child.

Are you considering donating your embryos?

In our information brochures, you can read detailed information on embryo donation.

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