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Internal examination

Internal examination

In addition to an internal ultrasound, it may be helpful to conduct a more extensive internal examination.

Speculum examination

A speculum is a medical tool that is used to evaluate the condition of the vagina, cervix and vaginal discharge. For your comfort, it is important that your bladder is empty during the examination. During this examination, you’ll take place on the gynecological chair, after which your treating physician or nurse will insert the speculum in your vagina. This does not hurt, in general.

This examination is a method used to evaluate the vagina and the cervix. In addition to this, it can be used to bring the cervix into view. This may be useful during fertility treatments which involve, for example, the placement of sperm cells inside the uterus. After positioning the speculum in such a way that the cervix is visible, a thin catheter can be used to insert the sperm cells in the uterus.

Bimanual examination

In order to examine the internal sex organs, one or two fingers are inserted into the vagina while the other hand is used to feel externally through your abdomen. In this way, the position and size of the uterus as well as the ovaries can be evaluated. In case of complaints, this method can be used to examine the painful area. This examination is usually not painful.

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