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Leiderdorp – The fertility clinic for artificial insemination and IVF/ICSI in the Netherlands

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As in many countries in the Western world, an increasing number of couples in the Netherlands are seeking the support of TFP fertility clinics. If a pregnancy does not occur after one year of trying, we offer our patients extensive fertility tests to find out why a pregnancy is not occurring. After one or two years of trying, artificial insemination becomes an option for many couples. In the Netherlands, the chances of success are exceptionally good, thanks to a few special conditions.

The MCK Fertility Clinic Leiderdorp looks forward to welcoming you

Our Medisch Centrum Kinderwens Fertility Clinic in the Dutch town of Leiderdorp also offers both heterosexual and lesbian couples, as well as single women, the entire range of legally permitted treatment methods. The TFP fertility clinic focuses exclusively on reproductive medicine and has many years of experience in artificial insemination, In vitro Fertilisation (IVF) and Intra cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). And there is another special feature for your own comfort: whenever possible, the same doctor always takes care of your needs, and a clinic psychologist is available upon request.


Why TFP?

  • Pooled expertise and experience from UK, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Poland and the Netherlands

  • A treatment plan specially tailored to you, including comprehensive advice on all methods

  • Modern and easily accessible clinic near you

  • Guaranteed uniform standards, maximum quality assurance and certification in accordance with DIN standards

Expert assistance for couples trying to conceive – all over Europe 

Couples who are unable to conceive are given expert medical consultation and support in the European network of TFP fertility clinics. Our fertility experts in Germany, Austria, Denmark and the Netherlands are on hand with advice and support and will take care of your individual situation. Thanks to our many years of expertise in artificial insemination in the Netherlands, you can count on reliable and professional treatment. The MCK Fertility Clinic in Leiderdorp gives our Dutch clients the best possible care and wide-ranging therapy options.

Upcoming patient events

When it’s safe to do so, join one of our COVID-compliant and free events to hear more about treatments, meet some of the team and visit the clinics!


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