Wouter van Inzen

Clinical embryologist


I am Wouter van Inzen, clinical embryologist

In 2012, I started working in Leiderdorp after having worked in the St Elisabeth Hospital in Tilburg and the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam. Through my experiences in both an academic setting and a top clinical hospital, I can see the big differences in the approach to clients.

The biggest difference is in the time and attention that all professionals give to clients and to the processes that make a treatment possible. Continuous improvement and achieving the highest level of quality is what really appeals to me at TFP MC Kinderwens.

As the person ultimately responsible for the laboratory, I guarantee the highest quality and safety, introduce the latest techniques and use the best products. A good example of this is the use of time-lapse equipment, which allows us to follow the entire development of the embryos and thus select the one most likely to succeed in the womb.

Because TFP MC Kinderwens is part of a large group of fertility centres in Europe, knowledge and experience can be exchanged quickly in order to provide the best treatments.

My personal goal at the clinic is to ensure that all clients end their treatment with satisfaction - either with the result of one or more children or the feeling that, together, we have done everything possible to fulfill their desire to have children. 

The enthusiastic, driven colleagues, the small organisation and the close cooperation with the large and very experienced European centres make a big difference for me, and I am proud to be a part of this organisation and to assist you in your fertility journey.


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