Vanessa Noordam

Social worker


My name is Vanessa Noordam, and I am a medical social worker at TFP MC Kinderwens.

In 2003, I completed my studies in Pedagogical Sciences in Leiden. After this, I worked for 13 years at the Child Protection Board where I was involved in the development and upbringing of children. At the end of 2019, I got the opportunity to start a new challenge at TFP MC Kinderwens. I already had a strong desire to focus more on guiding and coaching adults. Establishing a real contact, being a constant support, listening well and also asking good questions to bring the other to insights, are important to me and all come into play in my current job as a counsellor.

I find it valuable to be able to counsel people with such an essential wish as the desire to have a child. It is special to be allowed to be part of this. When I succeed in giving people relief and/or insights during an intense period, often accompanied by strong emotions, it gives me great satisfaction. The basic principle of my work is that I always look at the person behind 'the client'.


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