Tessa Cox

Doctor of reproductive medicine VVF


My name is Tessa Cox, and I have been working at TFP MC Kinderwens since October 2016.

Before this, I worked for 11 years in the St. Antonius hospital. I decided to switch to TFP MC Kinderwens, because it is a specialised clinic that provides high-quality care and offers very extensive treatment options. I have an enormous passion for my work and I am a doctor who pays a lot of attention to the person as well as the patient. 

What I like most about my job is that all day I'm dealing with different people who all have their own story and who all experience the process of becoming pregnant in their own way. As a doctor, I try to connect with them as much as possible. I also try to think of ways to improve patient care. For example, together with a specialised coach, I wrote a book about the mental impact of fertility treatment, I organised the first fertility café in the Netherlands to promote accessible contact and a support network between patients and I play a major role in the Digital Outpatient Clinic of TFP MC Kinderwens.


Intake of new patients and follow-up consultations

Ovulation induction treatments: ultrasound and pregnancy echoes

IUI treatments: ultrasound, IUI and pregnancy ultrasounds

IVF and ICSI treatments: ultrasound, puncture, embryo transfer and pregnancy ultrasounds


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