Ingrid Heijnsbroek

Doctor of reproductive medicine VVF


My name is Ingrid Heijnsbroek, and I have been working as a fertility specialist in this clinic since its foundation.

During my work, I come into contact with many different people, who all have roughly the same problem (unfulfilled desire for children) and all deal with it in their own way. This makes it still an extremely varied job even after so many years.

It remains fantastic to be able to be the first to congratulate people on their long-awaited pregnancy. And it's great when they come back to show off their baby! But, even having done it many times before, it is and remains a rotten job to have to tell people that we have exhausted our options and unfortunately we cannot help them anymore with fulfilling their desire to have children. Two extremes, both of which are inextricably linked to this profession.

I see it as a challenge, together with a nurse, to reassure women who are nervous about treatments and to guide them through the procedure with pain relief and moral support so that, together, we can get the maximum chance of pregnancy out of the treatment, and they can hold on to that thought even if it doesn't turn out well. It makes my day when a client can say afterward that the treatment was better than expected!


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