Mw. Fenna Putters


Fenna Putters

Hi, my name is Fenna Putters. Since October 2021 I work as a nurse at the Kinderwens Medical Centre.

Before I came to work at MCK, I mainly worked in hospitals. I felt an increasing need for a quiet and regular workplace. I certainly found that in this work. The tranquillity radiated by the clinic is good for me and for the care I can offer.

Fertility treatments are intensive and I find it very special to be part of a close-knit and skilled team that focuses on helping people during such an all-important phase of their lives. I think it is important to make sure that you feel heard and that you have the space to discuss anything you need.

I am glad that I found my place at MCK, and I hope to be able to develop myself as a nurse for a long time to come.


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