Maaike Burgers


Maaike Burgers TFP

I am Maaike Burgers, and I have been working as a fertility nurse for many years.

I have the most beautiful job in the world! In 1996, I started working as a nurse in the gynaecology department of LUMC. When my colleagues at the time chose to specialise in oncology, I wanted to do gynaecology, with the aim of providing better support for fertility patients. After a week's internship at the IVF clinic, I knew that I definitely wanted to be part of such a future-defining phase of someone's life. In 2003, I started at the policlinic IVF of the LUMC, and in 2007, I completed the training for ultrasound diagnostics for fertility nurses. 

For 10 years, I enjoyed working at the IVF outpatient clinic of the LUMC (and partly at the fertility clinic of Tergooi hospitals), and because of the continuous improvements, both medical, social and ethical, my work remains fascinating. I have been working in TFP MC Kinderwens since the beginning of 2013. The space and quiet that emanate from this location, together with the expertise and progressive nature of the team, make this such a unique place to work.


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