Fertility treatment pricelist

It is important to us that our pricing is completely transparent.

The following examples represent a comprehensive overview of prices at TFP Thames Valley Fertility.

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The price lists are valid from the first of April 2022.

Our price list is structured in sections to give you a clear view of the potential steps in your treatment and associated costs, to allow you to make an informed financial plan.

Payment for consultations, blood tests and investigations will need to be settled prior to these appointments. You will be required to pay the full cost of the treatment prior to your nurse planning appointment apart from the fee for PGT. This will be required to be paid prior to the testing.

General price list

Step 1: Consultation and investigation

Before we can recommend a treatment pathway you will need to have a consultation with a doctor and may need a combination of investigations. This will allow us to plan the best treatment journey for you.

Fertility Assessment (Ultrasound scan, AMH blood test and consultation)

£ 460

Comprehensive Fertility Assessment (Ultrasound scan, AMH blood test, Semen analysis and Consultation)

£ 565

Comprehensive Fertility Assessment for same sex female couple (Ultrasound scan and AMH blood test for

each partner and a consultation)

£ 565

Semen Analysis

£ 195

Counselling (up to 3 sessions included in all treatment packages)

£ 115

Treatment Consultation

£ 250

Step 2: Treatment packages

Below you will find our treatment packages, which will form the base of your fertility treatment. Each treatment package includes:

  • nurse planning appointment

  • counselling

  • HFEA fee

  • blood tests for HIV, Hep B and Hep C for both partners (as applicable)

  • monitoring bloods and ultrasound scans during the treatment cycle

  • 1 review consultation or early pregnancy scan.

Prices for Pre-Implantation Genetic Testing are available on the Genetic Testing price list.

Step 2.1: Intend pregnancy treatment packages

TFP In-Vitro Fertilisation Cycle

Includes egg collection, fresh embryo transfer, Embryoscope,

blastocyst culture, embryo freezing and 1 year storage

£ 5,995

TFP Freeze All and Transfer Cycle

Includes egg collection, blastocyst culture, Embryoscope,

embryo freezing with 1 year of storage and one FET cycle to be

completed within 3 months

£ 6,350

TFP Egg Recipient Cycle

Includes donor consultation, counselling, monitoring bloods

and ultrasound scans for both donor and recipient(s), HFEA

blood screening requirement, donor medication, egg

collection, Embryoscope, blastocyst culture, ICSI (if required),

first embryo transfer, embryo freezing with storage for 1 year

£ 9,150

TFP Shared motherhood

Includes egg collection for partner providing the egg and a

fresh or frozen embryo transfer for the partner who will carry

the pregnancy, HFEA blood screening requirement,

Embryoscope, blastocyst culture, embryo freezing and 1 year


£ 9,150

TFP Intra-Uterine Insemination (IUI)

Includes insemination procedure

£ 1,150

TFP IVF Cycle when Egg Sharing

Includes egg collection, fresh embryo transfer,

Embryoscope, blastocyst culture, embryo freezing, ICSI

(if applicable) 1 year storage and screening tests to

enable you to donate eggs from your cycle

If at any stage of treatment you decide you no longer

wish to share your eggs you will revert to the TFP InVitro Fertilisation (IVF) Cycle package

£ 1,175

TFP Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)


Includes, embryo thaw and embryo transfer

£ 2,500

TFP Egg Thaw Cycle

Includes egg thawing, ICSI, embryo transfer,

Embryoscope, blastocyst culture and freezing of any

additional embryos

£ 4,950

TFP Embryo Recipient Cycle

Includes all ultrasound scans & oestrogen blood tests,

laboratory costs, embryo replacement, one pregnancy

scan, HFEA fee, follow up medical consultation if within 3

months and counselling session

£ 3,995

Ovulation Induction

Includes monitoring scans, progesterone blood test,

review consultation or early pregnancy scan

£ 500

TFP Donor Sperm and IVF Cycle

As per TFP IVF cycle plus ICSI (if required) and one

sample of donor sperm

£ 7,095

TFP Donor Sperm and IUI Cycle

As per TFP IUI cycle plus one sample of donor sperm

£ 2,250

Step 2.2: Fertility preservation

TFP Embryo Storage Cycle

Includes egg collection, blastocyst culture, Embryoscope,

embryo freezing with 1 year of storage

£ 5,800

TFP Egg Freezing Cycle

Includes egg collection, egg freezing and 1 year of storage

£ 4,100

TFP Egg Freezing 2 Cycles

As per Egg Freezing Cycle performed twice

£ 5,800

Step 3: Medication

Medication costs vary depending on your individual needs, but please find an approximate cost range below. Please note we cannot refund any medication purchases, including any unused drugs.

Fresh Treatment Package

£ 900 - £ 2,100

Frozen Treatment Package

£ 350 - £ 700

IUI Package

£ 300 - £ 500

Stork Service Fee (includes delivery, injection kits and sharps bins)

£ 65

Private Prescriptions

£ 250

Step 4: Additional services

We have built our packages to include all you need as part of your treatment but sometimes there are additional services that may form part of your treatment plan and not included in your treatment package. You will find these below alongside the costs of investigation blood tests and scans. Additional services that have been paid for but not used, will always be refunded unless they form part of a treatment package


Pelvic ultrasound scan

£ 180


£ 515

3d Saline Sonogram

£ 460


Egg/Embryo/ Sperm 5 year storage top up

£ 1,100

Sperm Freezing (includes screening)

£ 650

Further storage per year

£ 350


Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

£ 1,285

Genetic Testing

Sperm DNA Fragmentation Analysis

£ 500

Other Services

Administration cost for gamete/embryo transport within the UK excl. courier costs

£ 300

Administration cost for gamete/embryo transport outside the UK excl. courier costs

£ 500

External patient fee - additional to the tests/scans carried out

£ 50


Endometrial Scratch

£ 310

Additional sedation (for endometrial scratch or embryo transfer)

£ 510

Surgical Sperm Retrieval (includes procedure, semen analysis, sedation, freezing and 1 year of storage)

£ 2,050

Blood Tests


£ 125

Pregnancy blood test (Bhcg)

£ 75

Karyotype (chromosomes)

£ 374

Recurrent miscarriage profile including karyotype (chromosomes)

£ 981


£ 50

Zika Abs IgM & igG

£ 150

Harmony (NIPT)

£ 500

Blood Screening (per partner)

£ 225

Other bloods


Pre-implantation genetic testing

Work up and genetic counselling

Non-refundable; Includes DNA reference collection and development of unique test that lasts for 2 years


No charge


£ 1,700


£ 2,700

Genetic Counselling (PGT-SR and PGT-M include one session)

£ 300


Pre-implantation Genetic Testing for Aneuploidies (PGT-A), Monogenic Diseases (PGT-M) and Structural Rearrangement (PGT-SR). Includes biopsy and testing and excludes production, freezing, storage and transfer of embryos (see below for cycle charges).

1 embryo

£ 1,000

2 embryos

£ 1,500

3 embryos

£ 1,800

4 embryos

£ 2,300

5 embryos

£ 2,700

6 embryos

£ 3,100

Additional Analysis (per embryo)

£ 600

Cycle packages

To create the embryos for testing and to transfer embryos once screened

TFP Freeze - all and Transfer Cycle

Please see general price list (Step 2.1)

TFP Frozen Embryo Transfer Cycle

Please see general price list (Step 2.1)

Thaw and refreeze

For patients who undertake genetic testing after their embryos have been frozen. Includes thaw and re-freeze of embryo(s) to be tested.

Thaw and refreeze per embryo

£ 250

Refund information

Occasionally treatments do not go ahead or are discontinued at some point due to medical reasons. If this happens, you will be eligible for a partial refund, depending on the stage at which the treatment is stopped. The amount you will be refunded is outlined below depending on what treatment you had and at what point your treatment stopped.

Cancellation Stage



Egg thaw

Embryo Storage

Egg freezing

Freeze all and




Egg Sharer

Cancelled before medication is


£ 5,645

£ 2,150

£ 4,600

£ 5,450

£ 3,750

£ 6,000

£ 8,800

Cancelled after 1 treatment scan

£ 5,495

£ 2,000

£ 4,450

£ 5,300

£ 3,600

£ 5,850

£ 8,650

Cancelled after more than 1

treatment scan but before egg


£ 5.000

£ 4,650

£ 3,250

£ 5,000

£ 7,150

No eggs recovered following egg


£ 2,400

£ 2,200

£ 950

£ 2,400

£ 7,000

No embryo Transfer

£ 1,150

£ 515

£ 1,150

£ 1,150

£ 850

No embryo for freezing

£ 750

£ 750

£ 750

£ 750

£ 750

£ 750

IUI (Cancelled IUI prior to insemination)

£ 800


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