Fertility help for the armed forces

Armed forces

If you’re having difficulty getting pregnant, you could be faced with extra challenges if you’re in the armed forces. To help you overcome these hurdles, we’d like to make you aware of the help that’s available, including funding support.

What funding am I entitled to?

Access to standard NHS funding for IVF treatment can be problematic for military families, who are often moving around the country or even further afield. However, if one person in a couple is a member of the armed forces, this is dealt with separately to the normal NHS funding process. Depending on certain other criteria, if the woman is aged under 40, three full cycles of IVF may be fully funded and if the woman is aged between 40 and 42, one full cycle of IVF may be fully funded. Please refer to the NHS Assisted Conception Policy for the full funding criteria.

Do I need to see my GP to apply?

For armed forces couples, a local or military GP is often the first port of call for fertility treatment. If you see a local GP, make sure you ask to enter the Armed Forces Families’ Programme. To prevent the application process stalling, it’s a good idea to ask your military GP for a letter on headed paper clearly stating which one of you is serving.

How will my application proceed?

After seeing your GP and completing a full set of tests, you’ll be referred to a secondary care fertility clinic, where the application process will continue. This can take up to four weeks to complete. Depending on your test results and continued eligibility, you’ll then be able to choose an approved specialist clinic – such as Oxford Fertility – to receive your treatment at.

Can TFP Oxford Fertility help?

Yes – we have experience providing treatment to couples in the armed forces and appreciate the additional challenges you can face.

To find out more, including whether you may be entitled to funding, please get in touch with our Patient Services team, who will be happy to help.


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