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Widford couple Kierra and Danny introduce baby Bertie
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Widford couple Kierra and Danny introduce baby Bertie

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“Danny and I had been trying for a baby for three years with no success”, recalls Kierra, from Wickford. “We were worried we may have problems and I was 36. There were times when everyone around us seemed to be getting pregnant and, of course, we were delighted for them but it was hard for us too.”

Kierra and her husband took the first step and arranged a fertility assessment at Simply Fertility, a fertility MOT to gather information, get answers and talk about their treatment options.

“As soon as we walked into the reception area, and saw the baby names on the tree, we felt instantly at home. It was really important to us to have all our appointments in one place and to get to know the staff who would be looking after us.

Armed with information, we knew we wanted to go ahead and didn’t want to prolong things any longer. Twenty three eggs were harvested; a scan picked up I was overstimulating but my medication was changed and everything after that was very straightforward.”

In the days that followed, Kierra and Danny went to a spa and Andy phoned every day to let them know how things were progressing. Kierra says it was reassuring to know everything was going to plan.”

“We had one embryo transferred on day five. We couldn’t believe it when the pregnancy test revealed a faint blue line!  We thought, this can’t be right, after trying so long and always being disappointed it was surreal. I phoned Simply, told them the good news, and arranged an early scan.”

Kierra had acupuncture throughout her IVF journey and felt it kept her calm and focussed throughout her treatment, right from the start.

Her appointments with Simply’s in-house acupuncturist took place weekly and continued during the medication phase, before and after transfer and throughout her pregnancy.

She explains:  “I found it a positive experience and used the time set aside for meditation afterwards to think positively – it became a point of relaxation, I’d tell my body ‘you can do this, there’s no reason to worry. It helped me to relax and it had a positive impact on my wellbeing.

Acupuncture doesn't hurt. I could feel pressure, a drawing feeling, but it wans't painful.


Kierra and Danny welcomed Bertie Blu at Basildon Hospital on 17 July, weighing 8lb 6oz.

The proud parents are enjoying every moment with their son. Kierra added:  “Bertie is a little dream and we are making the most of our time together. No one can prepare you for parenthood – it’s continuous, 24/7, but utterly amazing.”

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