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A ten year journey to motherhood for Jayne

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Jayne Hook, 40, from Newbury always wanted to be a mum and so shortly after she married Steven, they started to try and build their family. They had no idea that the journey would take more than a decade and bring such lows and highs.

To their joy, a few years after marrying, when they tried to conceive, Jayne and Steven fell pregnant very quickly, but shortly after Jayne miscarried. Although upset, they tried again, and once more Jayne became pregnant, but soon after she miscarried. Desperate to start a family they kept going, but after their fifth miscarriage they went to a specialist unit, but unfortunately even after investigations, the unit couldn’t explain what the cause.

After a further two miscarriages, Jayne and Steven were exhausted and had given-up on any plans to have their own children, when Jayne’s father, who is a doctor, had researched IVF with genetic testing being pioneered at Oxford Fertility and thought this could hold the key to helping Jayne and Steven have a child.

So Jayne and Steven visited Oxford Fertility. They were touched by the honesty and passion of the team. The specialists explained that more than half of embryos don’t have the right number of chromosomes needed for a successful pregnancy and three quarters of miscarriages are because of this problem. Genetic testing would help them to help identify which embryos have the best chance of success.

Aware of their own relatively low chance of success, Jayne and Steven decided to pursue IVF. With the reassurance that the right number of chromosomes were present in their embryo, Jayne became pregnant. Yet tragically at 30 weeks Jayne gave birth to Poppy, who was stillborn. Jayne and Steven were heartbroken.

Although this may have put an end to their pursuit, it made Jayne determined to become a mum and so they tried IVF again, but this time it failed. Jayne found a failed IVF cycle as hard as a miscarriage to cope with and so waited a while before one last try. This time it worked and in April 2015 Jayne gave birth to William, an adorable little boy.

Wanting a sibling for William, they returned to Oxford Fertility again and this June, baby Oliver safely arrived.

Jayne says “With two small children, I can be pulling my hair out, but I love every minute of it. When my son falls over, it’s me he turns to for a cuddle.

“Thank god for modern medicine, IVF helped me and Steven to become parents. Although we have been through a lot as a couple, the journey has made us stronger. I have to pinch myself every day.”

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