Sarah and David’s story
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Sarah and David’s story

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“David and I met when we were 19 and have spent 19 years together since, half our lives”, says Sarah, who teaches science at Chelmsford College.

They wanted a family and had been trying for a baby for years, with no success. Tests followed at their local hospital which revealed problems with Sarah’s fallopian tubes and treatment with Clomid came to nothing.

Sarah continues: “The Clomid wasn’t successful so we went back to see the doctors at Basildon Hospital who told us our only real option would be to consider IVF. At the same time we learned NHS funding is no longer available, which was really disappointing, so we started to research our options online.

“We did general searches for IVF clinics nearby, looking at statistics and reviews, and narrowed it down to three clinics. It was really important for us to find somewhere with a convenient location, so I could go along when needed before and after work, or at lunchtime. Some clinics work as satellite units, with patients needing to travel further afield for parts of their treatment. It was important to us to finding somewhere where we could have all parts of our treatment in one place.”

There was an open evening at Simply Fertility the same week so Sarah and David went along armed with questions and a thirst for information.

“It just felt right. We went along to one other clinic open day, but it just reinforced how we felt about Simply Fertility so we booked an initial consultation days later to discuss our options. I passed on all my notes from my NHS tests.

From the outset, David and I felt welcome and relaxed and really liked the friendly atmosphere and approachable team.


“We started IVF and I quickly got used to the scans and injections that were needed. A record 27 eggs were collected, 23 of which fertilised. Unfortunately it didn’t work for us first time.”

Sarah and David went along for a follow-up appointment and left feeling upbeat and positive and motivated to try again.

“To my amazement, it worked second time. David had been away on holiday and as soon as he got back I took a pregnancy test. I sat in the bathroom and couldn’t quite believe it. After years of taking pregnancy tests and feeling disappointed I was pregnant, I couldn’t believe it. I went for my early scan at about seven or eight weeks and remember feeling nervous even telling the ladies behind the desk I was pregnant. We were over the moon.”

Sarah’s pregnancy went smoothly and in July, they became proud parents to baby Kira, born weighing 6lbs exactly.

“Kira is beautiful and we are loving every minute we spend with her. I am taking a full year’s maternity leave from the college and enjoying the simple things like giving her cuddles and watching her sleep. Part of me thought that this would never happen for us, but Simply Fertility helped turn our dreams of becoming a family into a reality. We still have frozen embryos in storage which could allow us to extend our family further in the future.”

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