Rebecca, Stephen & baby Freddie
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Rebecca, Stephen & baby Freddie

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Simply Fertility’s state-of-the-art purpose-built fertility clinic in Chelmsford opened in the summer of 2017. In March this year, we’re delighted to announce that our first baby was born and this is his parents’ story.

Rebecca and Stephen met through mutual friends in 2011 and they knew it was serious from the start.

Rebecca was working for the Bank of New York in Marketing and Events in London, while Stephen worked for a City firm in Finance.  After a couple of years living together they decided to try for a baby.  At first, they thought they should see what might happen but then, as time went by they became more serious about it.  They married three years ago and continued to try for a baby, but nothing seemed to happen.  Sensibly both Rebecca and Stephen took themselves to their GP to find out what was going on.

Rebecca says: “I was put on Clomid, which we later found out was a complete waste of time because it would never have been successful, given what our fertility issues were.  After about eight months, nothing had happened and so I did some research on the internet to see what might be available locally.  I found Simply Fertility were having an Open Evening within days, so we decided to go. 

“As soon as we walked in, we just felt that this was where we were meant to be and it felt right.  The people there were very friendly.  I had a whole list of what felt like ridiculous questions and no one made me feel silly.  We pretty much booked an appointment the next day – we never looked anywhere else.

“That first appointment, Mr Gangooly was great.   We were given all the information we needed for the route that we would need to go, which was IVF/ICSI.  We were told what that meant, how it worked, what it would cost and it was so straightforward; all our questions were answered.  We weren’t eligible for fertility treatment on the NHS because Stephen has a daughter from a previous relationship and so we knew this was what we wanted to do.”

Following that appointment, Rebecca and Stephen decided to go ahead, and following a series of blood tests, they started fertility treatment.

Rebecca says: “We had eight embryos initially and on day five I had two implanted and the hardest part was the two-week wait. I waited until the day they’d said to test.  We did the test together and we were massively shocked when it came up pregnant!  We phoned the clinic who told me that I was officially four weeks pregnant.  Although both embryos successfully attached, only one had survived at the seven-week scan. The whole process was fascinating and we were so, so lucky that our first attempt worked.  We never thought in a million years that would happen; we thought we’d have to freeze some embryos and go that route.  Simply Fertility records every stage as it happens, so they recorded my eggs being fertilised and going from day one to day five – I have it all on video, it’s so amazing to see!

“I had my 12-week scan and everything was OK. My pregnancy was pretty perfect, right up until I was told I had gestational diabetes so I was on insulin although by then I was used to injections and had to control my diet.  They monitored me every two weeks with a scan to make sure the baby wasn’t growing too large, so I did get to see our baby a lot more, which did have its compensations.

“We decided we didn’t want to find out what we were having because we wanted a surprise, although I was convinced I was having a girl!  I ended up having an emergency C-section in Southend General Hospital, even though I fully dilated, but it’s just how things go sometimes.  Our beautiful little boy, Freddie, arrived on Saturday 3 March, weighing 8lbs, 1oz.  Now it’s like he’s always been here, and he’s such a laid back little boy!”

Simply Fertility’s state-of-the-art purpose-built fertility clinic in Chelmsford opened in the summer of 2017.  Rebecca and Stephen were amongst the very first patients who and Freddie is the first baby born.

It was touch and go if the new clinic was going to be ready in time for us to have all the treatment there so I remember us being one of the first! That Freddie is the first baby born makes it even more special.


Rebecca hasn’t yet decided whether she will go back to work at the end of her maternity leave.  She smiles and says: “To be honest, I’d love to fall pregnant again while on maternity leave if I can.  I’ve heard lots of women can become more fertile after having a baby and if that happens it would be amazing.  We’re both 40 this year so it would be great to have a second child quite soon.  Still, if it doesn’t happen, we would definitely go to Simply Fertility for more IVF if that’s what we decide.  Whatever happens, we’re so blessed to have Freddie, he’s made us complete.”

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