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Rachel's Story

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Rachel and Steven had their baby with the help of TFP Nurture Fertility in August 2021. Below, they tell their story.

“We had been trying for many years, and as we were both getting older decided to talk to the doctor. He sent us to a hospital for some investigation tests. It turns out my egg count was low and not very good quality and Steven’s sperm was low and slow. They explained IVF would probably be our only option.”

After looking into IVF and different clinics, Rachel came across TFP Nurture Fertility. “I noticed they did Information Evenings so we booked on to one.” She adds, “the information we got was brilliant they answered all our questions.”

“We decided to book a consultation and TFP Nurture Fertility did all the tests they needed so they knew what treatment to offer us.”

Rachel and Steven started their first round of treatment, using IVF and ICSI. On the first round, none of the embryos developed to a transfer stage.

They moved onto their second round of IVF immediately, this time using a short protocol. On this round, they were able to have two embryos transferred, but unfortunately the pregnancy test was negative.

“We had a little break went on holiday and refreshed ourselves then started number three,” Rachel says, “This time a positive pregnancy test but unfortunately it ended in miscarriage at 11 weeks.”

“We took time out to heal and think about if we could go through it all again. We decided one last time. At egg transfer we only had 1 embryo which had survived the 5 days and we got a positive pregnancy test.

“We were overjoyed but scared at the same time,” Rachel remembers, “but in August our beautiful rainbow miracle arrived: Arabella Alice.

“She was most definitely worth waiting for.”

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Baby Arabella Alice

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