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Oxford Fertility’s first film stars

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When only a few months old, twins Myra and Kiara were chosen to star in JK Rowling’s film ‘Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald’. Their parents, Mamta and Vineet, say it’s thanks to the dedication and expertise of the team at Oxford Fertility. Vineet explains:

“We married in our early twenties, so didn’t worry about our fertility. But a few years into our marriage, when we started to try for a baby, nothing happened. After 18 months we visited our GP who reassured us that at 27 and 28, we were still relatively young and we should try naturally for a little longer.

“But we felt something was wrong, so when staying with family in India we visited an IVF clinic. Knowing the strain it can bring, we thought it may help to go through treatment supported by our extended family. But three cycles later and no success, we decided to take a break.

“As Mamta turned 30 we returned to our GP one final time to ask for their advice. This time they referred us to Oxford Fertility. After three failed cycles, we just wanted one positive result.

“The team at Oxford Fertility understood what we had been through and talked to us professionally and sensitively, but without giving us any false promises. We could tell they treat every case individually and they looked after not only our medical needs but our emotional ones too.

“There was a lot of intensive preparation for the treatment, particularly for Mamta. She had to take medicine and injections at very precise times. But the clinic was there to guide us through. We also used a satellite clinic close to our home for many of the appointments that, although vital, can take only a few minutes. When it came to the egg collection, fertilisation and transfer everything seemed to go well. All we could do was hope.

“As throughout the rest of our journey, during this time, we really valued the great support our family and friends gave us. We felt truly blessed to have them around.

“Our wishes were answered when we found out that we were having not one but two babies and they were girls. We had secretly both wanted girls. We couldn’t believe it.

“Since Myra and Kiara were born, they have changed our lives. They are so special and, as proud parents, we think they are the most beautiful babies in the world. We were shocked when a team working on a big Hollywood film seemed to agree. Apparently they spotted a photograph we had shared on social media and so got in touch. We learned that not only could they see a resemblance to the character, being a twin was also a bonus as it means they can swap them in and out of scenes, continuing to film even when one of them needs a sleep.”

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